The Act Of Live Musical Performance in Nigeria: Singer Terry G. as a Case Study

5e92ecb2The Act Of Live Musical Performance in Nigeria: Singer Terry G. as a Case Study.

This is a quick thought on the issue of artistes misbehaving on stage while performing their songs, though it is not peculiar to Nigeria, but there is a saying that charity begins at home as there is need to check mate our excesses at home first before going abroad.

The act of live performance in Nigeria is disheartening looking at the present manner in which some Nigerian artistes take to the stage to perform their recorded songs.

It is always expected that in a musical live performance, the audience want to see or hear something a bit different from what is obtainable in the recorded track of the particular artiste. However, it is not far-fetched that many Nigerian musicians come to the stage already intoxicated on substance and behaving shoddy, sometimes even rude to the audience and organizers.

There have been cases of different misbehaviour by artistes on stage and the causative effect of the stage rant is always the ‘gingering substance’ taken before performance. Lets us ask some major questions, why do they take intoxicating substance? Does it have positive or negative effects on their performances?

One of Nigeria’s talented producer cum singer that has always been in the spotlight for mischief and naughtiness is Terry G. His attitude at the recent D’Good, D’Bash, D’Funny event which held in Lagos shows clearly that he was not acting on his own volition because if he is, he will not go and hit a DJ for any reason. Though he apologized, but the deed had been done.

The highly notable reason why he acted that way are not far-fetched, it is obvious he was ‘highly spiritual’ and had to go the extreme as he felt offended when the DJ played Olamide’s song while he was performing.

Although, many music fans and lovers were not surprised at the attitude of Terry G as he has records of stage and event troubles in the past. But we are surprised of the effrontery to hit up a DJ, which is highly unacceptable. No artiste or entertainer should even shout or yell at his or her colleague in the industry, they are not your servant or younger ones at home; you are colleagues in the entertainment industry.

There is need to check mate this attitude of been intoxicated to the stage for performance. Some artistes would say, they can only perform well and electrifying when they are intoxicated. Okay, if you need to take whatever you want to take, do not spoil the fun of the organisers or the audience that have come to have fun instead, give them a run for their money.


No apologies for this piece, we (journalists) are just watch dog of the society and we would make appraisal and praise celebrities if need be or condemn their actions when the need arises.

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