Lyrics: Ghetto – Kelly Rowland Ft. Snoop Dogg

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What’s crack-a-lackin baby girl
You know I keep it ghetto fabulous everyday
Yep, in a real way (Hey)
(Look) now what would a girl like you
Do with a G like me
you probably couldn’t handle it
I pop a bottle and get a few candles lit
Now the scene is set as we sip on some Moet

Rock yo Timbs, Sag yo Jeans
Ice yo grill, It’s all good with me
Twenty Four’s, big four doors
Ain’t no doubt, I’m down to roll

I (love it), the way you talk to me (love it)
And your walk is mean (love it)
You know how I like it boy

Ghetto, so ghetto
That’s how my baby roll
And that’s all he really knokw
It’s ghetto, so ghetto
That’s where my baby from
And that’s how we getting it done
So ghetto

Hit yo block, check yo spot
If the block is hot, lay up in the spot baby
Roll yo dice, get yo cash
I’m a down shorty, you ain’t go to ask

I (love it), Cause you give me good love (love it)
Let me be yo lover (love it)
Baby all I want is that


Ghetto love and I shoot it like Cupid
Snoop and we’re snoopin we can get a little stupid
Kelly Kelly, won’t you tell me how you feelin now
You in the phantom top dippin with the criminal
Yeah, so G I be, mysterious and furious and curiously
So serious, and here he is luxuriously
(Ghetto) Ghetto fabulous the D O double G



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